Made in pure harmony

with mother earth

We are lovers of nature, we live in balance with it our mission is to protect it. We respect it by being a green, clean company with biodegradable products.

Our opportunity to improve lies in fostering consciousness. It calls for not merely closing our eyes, but truly observing and taking action. Choosing biodegradable cosmetics isn't a mere option, it's a pledge we must uphold without wavering - for our collective human good. Our oceans, our fellow creatures, and ultimately a healthier planet suffer from our negligence. Each one of us has the power to make a difference.

We are a green, conscious & environmentally friendly company. Our passion is to create the highest quality cosmetics, under an eco-friendly vision. That is our motivation, deep in our hearts. It's time to change, the world needs to get greener!

Tons of cosmetics end up in the oceans every year with ingredients that have been proven to damage corals and nature; we believe in becoming engaged and want to contribute to making a change.

We are clean beauty certified, and reef and coral safe because all our products are free from this harmful inhalants and ingredients.

All our tubes and bottles are up to 95% recyclable, we do not use sleeved bottle packaging. We don't use unnecessary plastic stickers in our shipping packaging and we only work with suppliers in our area to reduce the environmental impact.

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